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Poster: Erratic Date: May 30, 2005 9:42am
Forum: netlabels Subject: [NTT027] + [NTT028] released!

[NTT027] Dotkràz - untitled

ps and m__ - the two hard working individuals behind the stellar Enough Records and Con-v - joined forces to create an intelligent melting pot of various musique concrete styles, which pretty much reflects the quality of their own brainchilds.
In this unique cooperation they have constructed a polymorphic opus from just about any type of source material. It seems combinations of concrete vs electronic ambiences continue to find their way to Entity, and this one in specific sums the whole variety of approaches up in an extraordinary manner.
The mixture of mysterious ambient, glitch/errorism, shifting drones, detuned instruments, voice samples (and more) is fascinating and Dotkràz captures all of these perfectly in their nameless 4 track debut. Let's give them a warm welcome shall we?

m__ ->
ps -> /

[NTT028] hns.dly - Mouthscapes #1

A bit closer to home (Belgium), Hans De Ley creates some very unusual abstract soundscapes, using only his voice and a seemingly limitless arsenal of DSP algorithms. The result is more than just a monotone array of singing chimpansees, and proves that the voice's range can outperform many a synth. The immense spectrum of sounds accessed through this method clearly offers a lot of possibilities, which Hans puts to use without ever repeating himself.
The 6 tracks in question are enormous continual soundtransformations which could not have been labelled better than "mouthscapes". A very unique direction that deserves to be further inspected.

hns.dly ->

Get it all @